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Dave Mirra

It is rare that an athlete truly transcends their sport. Dave Mirra, BMX lengend, has done just that. Mirra has acheived ionic status, not only in the world of BMX, but in all of action sports and has begun his assault on mainstream pop cluture. But becoming the most decorated athlete in action sports was no easy feat for Dave Mirra. Despite winning more X games gold medals than any other competitor in the history of the X games, his rise to the top has not been an easy one. But the "Miracle Boy" has made it known that BMX is more than a sport to him, it is truly a way of life. And one that he continues to keep on living to the fullest.

At the age of four, most kids in Syracuse, New York were still playing around on their tricycles. Mirra on the other hand, was riding the streets on his BMX bike on the tail of his older brother and by age 5, he was jumping curbs and flying over dirt jumps. Five years later, he entered his first BMX race and placed first. Haro Bikes quickly cognized this young talent and Mirra landed his first sponsership. At 13, he entered his first BMX Flatland contest in Columbus, Ohio and placed second to... last. The defeat was hard to swallow, but Mirra was'nt about to give up. The challenges he faces in competition, along with the disprovals his teachers expressed toward his career in BMX only made his drive that much greater to suceed. The next year Mirra returned